New Gourd Creations for 2013

Brand new items at Gentry Gourds:


Gourd Purses

Gourd Purses! Featuring gourd bottoms, brocade bodies, beautiful fringe and  satin ribbon drawstring closures.

Gourd Purses

Gourd Purses


Handmade gourd rattles filled with hard corn and trimmed with glass beads.




Gourd Head Dolls!!   Hand made soft bodies with gourd heads, and Colonial style clothing. These are a few of the dozen or so I’ve made.  I just love dressing up these little ladies in  petticoats, apron, kerchief  and mob caps. I hand draw the faces onto the gourds after they are attached to the bodies, then add the caps for the final touch.

Gourd Head Dolls

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