Up to Our Elbows in Gourds

So many gourds are in progress! The new prototype bird feeder comes in a 2-door or 4-door option. Most of them are drilled, cut and decorated; they still need to be cleaned on the inside, stained and varnished. I’m searching for the right type of wire to use for hanging.

There are 2 long-handled dipper gourds marked and ready to cut into ladles. These beauties are about 2-3 feet long.

Still in the works are a few large apple gourds that I plain to dye red and add a “leaf” cut out from another gourd. If there is time, I want to work on some mini-egg gourds and a few mini gourds shaped like cute little pumpkins.

I’ve made some gorgeous necklaces from glass trade beads, chevrons and old silver. There is one, a green watermelon bead strand mixed with pink and pewter, that is too pretty to give up. I may have to keep that one for myself.

That’s all for now! Keep those fingers and toes crossed for dry Feast weather.

What to Drink

Flask photoI’ve been thinking about what historically appropriate liquor I should carry in my flask this year. I was thinking that a rye or corn whiskey would be what an English merchant in this time frame and place would favor, but a conversation at lunch today brought forth the idea of a New England dark rum. Brandy or sherry are also possibilities.

What do you think I should sip this year?

Feast of the Hunters Moon

Dates for this year are Oct. 10 and 11. We are knee-deep in gourds and counting down the days!

I have a new gourd bird feeder design that is a huge hit with the birds at our place. I hope to have plenty on hand at the Feast. The theme this year is bird feeders and houses.

Plans are under way for some tent changes–we will be sleeping overnight this year. We will section off a part of the tent for sleeping quarters. New chairs are being made and I have cotton material for new table covers.

We’ll keep you updated!