Tent Poles – and a New Tent!

Did I mention that we have a new tent for this year’s Feast? After several years of using the rectangular marquee model, we ordered a new square marquee from Tentsmiths. The only problem we had with the old tent was that the sides are attached. This means we had to wrangle a large and heavy roll of canvas during setup and tear down. It weighs 90 lbs! Detachable sides will make setup easier, and allow more options in the configuration. As a bonus, it comes with fancy scalloping along the top edge.

Tentsmiths Square Marquee

Unfortunately, our existing tent poles are not tall enough for the new tent. So we have spent much time and effort making new ones. We are not woodworkers, so there has been a lot of learning along the way. As shown here, the poles ended up with a very nice octagonal profile.

Come see our new setup at the Feast this weekend!

Octagonal Tent Poles